• We are incredibly excited to be working with the North University Community Library in order to bring you the most engaging Harry Potter experience possible! Find more details on the About page.

A Week in the Wizarding World

Ever wanted to experience the wonder of Hogwarts, the deliciousness of Butterbeer, the excitement of magic classes? A “Week in the Wizarding World” will provide all that with fun activities like House Sorting, Patronus Classes, and more. If your child is a Harry Potter fan, this week will be an incredible chance to indulge his/her love for one of the most iconic series of this generation. While we can’t promise that your child will become a DADA master or defeat the Dark Lord, we can guarantee that this Week in the Wizarding World will be magical!

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Meet Our Staff (2018) (will be updated with new staff for 2019 shortly!)

Schuyler and Adory are upcoming seniors! Kaelyn and Kiana will be heading off to college, while Laila and Jessica are returning to college for their sophomore years!

I was first introduced to the Harry Potter series at my elementary school book fair and I was so amazed by the immensely detailed world of mystical creatures and wizards who could accomplish anything with magic that I ended up reading through all the books in a matter of weeks. The courage and determination of Harry, his friends, and Dumbledore’s Army to fight against evil even when faced with rough odds taught me valuable lessons like perseverance and teamwork that I continue to carry with me in morals and many aspects of my life.

Adory Vo

I encountered Harry Potter at a young age as a result of my sister, who sparked my interest for the series. The lessons instilled upon me from the writing of J.K. Rowling has led me to become the person I am day through the moral development and courage of Harry to the compassion of Hagrid, alongside the other characters who all share equally important and valuable traits.

Schuyler Voss